Working together to improve

cyber security of metals and mining companies

Threat and Incident Information Sharing

The MM-ISAC facilitates the sharing of critical cyber security information through secure channels enabling member companies to benefit from this intelligence at a reasonable cost.

Support a Unified Response

Our initiative to advance research, cooperation, and training to minimize and protect against incidents that could impact safety, environmental sustainability, or operational productivity.


The Metals and Mining ISAC(MM-ISAC) is open to all companies in the mining and metals industries sharing our commitment to sharing and collaborating to improve our collective cyber security and resilience.

Mining & Metals Industry – Security Objectives -

Identify – Protect – Detect – Respond – Recover

Commitment to Supporting Developing Resources Responsibly

Natural resources are at the heart of mining, requiring innovative environmental stewardship as an industry imperative. Twenty-first century mining projects begin with extensive environmental and engineering studies, public involvement in major decision-making and compliance with scores of international laws and regulations, governing every facet of the environment. The Mining & Metals ISAC (MM-ISAC) is committed to continuing the extraordinary environmental progress made in recent decades, with technological advancements that minimize mining’s impact on the environment by advancing industry cyber resilience.

Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure

In today’s competitive global market for clean energy, commodities and manufactured goods, the reliance on natural resources, and with increasing technological advances in automation, it is imperative to defend against the increasing potential of disruptive and destructive cyber attacks.

Our Vision

The Mining and Metals ISAC (MM-ISAC) is a non-profit, industry-owned corporation established to improve the cyber security of metals and mining companies. Its goal is to protect members against incidents that could impact safety, environmental sustainability, or operational productivity. This mission will be achieved by sharing threat and vulnerability information, managing industry contingency planning, providing opportunities for training security staff and incident response teams.


In March 2017, six mining companies agreed to form a sharing community specific to the mining industry. In April 2017, the Mining and Metals ISAC was formed under the umbrella group: The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI).